Advanced Keyword Research Strategies in 2019

Selecting high search volume keywords does not mean that keyword research is completed and that’s a easier / regular analysis where most of the SEO professionals tend to do it. Now focusing more on search intent, today webmasters are considerably changing the way on identifying best keyword research strategies.

How to do Keyword Research in 2019?

  • Check the Search Volumes
  • Identify your Competitor’s Traffic Generating Keywords
  • Create Content around these Keywords [Content Gap Analysis]
  • Build Quality Links to the Newly Created Content / Page

The Best Keyword Research Strategy

In simple terms, if you aim to rank your website or web page – just fulfill / answer the needs of users for what they are looking for. Google now understands the Search Intent behind the query that user searched for & provides the best most relevant results. Below are few examples of Google SERP’s for selected keywords:

how much ram do i need for gaming laptop pc
best laptops under $1000

Keyword Research Ideas

Here is an overview of simple keyword research idea types with clear search intents by Category like how to’s, whats, branded queries, vs, best etc etc:


happy re-searching..!

Advanced Keyword Research Strategies in 2019 | Best Search Intent Ideas & Tips
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Advanced Keyword Research Strategies in 2019 | Best Search Intent Ideas & Tips
Looking for best keyword research strategy to do in 2019 for SEO? 3 simple search intent steps on how to do keyword research for maximum traffic by categorizing with type of contents in SERPs.
Sirish Kumar
Sirish Kumar

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