Difference Between Page Title vs Meta Title Tag

Difference Between Title and Meta Title

There is a lot of confusion for SEO’s when there are two title tags for a single page as mentioned below:

1. Title Tag
2. Meta Title Tag

While optimizing the webpage title tag, it is recommended to utilize only <title> tag instead of <meta name=”title”> tag as per W3C Standards.

Page Title and Meta Title

<title> is the most important and required HTML element for a web page as per W3C Standards & Recommendations. This title will display as Browser Title or Window Title or Google Title in search results.

Google considers title tag in organic search results and is the ONLY HTML element to be considered for a page as per W3C Good Titles Tips.

Meta Title Tag <meta name=”title”> is just other meta tag like meta description tag, meta robots tag, meta keywords tag, meta author tag etc that might be used or might not be by different bots or spiders.

Even Google recommends creating unique page titles with <title> tag in their official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.


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Difference Between Google Page Title vs Meta Title Tag
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Difference Between Google Page Title vs Meta Title Tag
What is the difference between Title vs Meta Title Tag? Know the key differences on how search engines consider to rank page title tag in Google as per W3C web standards.
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