Story Behind Letter Z in Number Plate Registration

Do You Know the Story Behind Letter “Z” in Number Plate Registrations?

TSRTC (Telangana State Road Transport Corporation) and APS RTC (Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation) buses have letter “Z” in vehicle registration number plates, if you have observed.


Do You Know the Reason Behind Letter Z Registration in Number Plate?


Letter Z stands for Zahra Begum – mother of Mir Osman Ali Khan, Nizam VII, the last ruler of Hyderabad State.

History of Letter Z in Number Plates

The Nizam’s State Railway (NSR) was established in 1879 but the State’s Road Transport came later (June 1932) with 27 buses and 166 employees serving transportation needs in the State of Hyderabad.

Also, the Nizam’s Rail Road Department has changed to Nizam’s State Rail and Road Transport Department (NSR RTD) and from the first vehicle, the registration numbers have letter ‘Z’ in honour of Zahra Begum.

On 17th September 1948, when Nizam handed his Power, Authority, Jurisdiction & Ruling to Indian Government, Nizam had an agreement that Indian Government/Government Of India must continue to include letter ‘Z’ in each and every bus registration number.

On 11th January 1958, RTD has been renamed to APSRTC and recently APSRTC has separated as TS RTC. So, the registration number plates of all these vehicles must have letter ‘Z’ as you can witness in the images above.

History Behind Letter Z in Number Plate Registration
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History Behind Letter Z in Number Plate Registration
Do you know the reason & history behind letter Z registration in number plates of TS RTC & APS RTC buses? So what does a Z in a number plate mean? Zahra Begum.
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